Realizing the light within…



Problem with telling someone what hurts you is that… the moment you open up to them, you expect them to protect you from being hurt, for them to defend you from any harm… Still, despite knowing your life & its games, you hold your breath and once again, like always, take a chance, hope that this time will be different… That this person will actually be a friend who will help you heal as well as protect you from any harm, at least try to….  But once again, life proves you wrong… Proves that some people are meant to be healers but not healed by someone… That they are suppose to keep the secrests and be the help but when it comes to them, they have to be their own help, shoulder, recharger …  That like sun, they need to bring the light from within… And that light only comes from one source… From The ONE… HE who helped you then, will help you now … Dream, hope, take chances… Fall but rise & know that it is all part of life … & yet, at the end of the day, know that perhaps HE doesnt want you to share with anyone else but HiM, and that HE loves you so much thats why HE lets you be the sun who sheds light, even to those who take it for granted, who gives energy and warmth…  & if realizes, then let it be… Because HE values you, lights up you heart even when sometimes you ignore it… And HE loves you, for if HE didn’t, you would’ve been left amongst the ones who went astray… So trust HIM, share with HIM, love HIM, love & care for people for HIS sake … Do what you do for HIS sake… and turn to HIM, return to HIM… Just care about what HE thinks 🙂 expect …but only from HIM …

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Hiding scars

I see the moon shining so bright
Yet the darkness takes over light…
Once again I lie under sky full of stars…
And let my dreams hide away these scars…
— Ramsha Jalil


Taking leap of faith…

Ever had that moment before which, everything kept going perfect and then all of a sudden someone says something and you start feeling weird… Like something is not right… And something is different… No matter how much you try to tell ur heart not to panic, it still does… And what next?  Even things seem to be a little different.. weird different… And u tell urself that maybe its just u… U hope that its just u… And when ur sixth sense says orherwise, u take deep breath and just have faith… Take a long gulp of water, close ur eyes, deep breath, and trust Allah… Prepare urself to take the jump… Knowing, reminding urself… That Allah will either catch u, teach u to fly, or simply create a path for u to walk on…  HE wont let u fall, inshAllah…
Thats it, take the step and wait for HIM to do HiS magic…


Allah – mankind – me

When Allah loves someone, He sets him free letting it come to Him when he pleases, letting him love Him back when he wills … Yet, when mankind loves someone, he’s looking on ways to bind him to himself, someway that it won’t go away even if it hurts him, he doesn’t care because he just wants to keep what he loves, with him …

We talk so much about love yet we know so little about it …

Sometimes its hard to say what’s happening is for good or bad, happiness or pain … Whether Allah is testing you, punishing you or simply blessing you but bringing a hardship in front of you …

I don’t know whether the heart turns numb from going through so many obstacles or simply faith becomes so firm that it brings patience to your heart? Faith, belief, hope … There is always a brand new day, a brand new start … Every moment that ends is a moment bringing you closer to Him …

I’m naïve, non-intellect & perhaps wrong too … But I still believe I’m Alhumdulillah blessed with great gifts …the gift of doing sabr…the gift of having faith even in toughest situations… The gift of not giving up… And the gift of knowing that everything, everyone will only accompany me till death at most, after that its just me & Him … Sometimes I let myself be carried away by duniya, but I guess as far as I have a reminder in my heart, I’m among the blessed ones who haven’t become deaf, dumb, or blind …

Why let tears fall for people when they don’t care? … There’s a limit to everything, even life … So if life is to end today, why not spend it bringing smiles to those who care?

O my heart, fear not thee
For love is more than what eyes can see
Be faithful, steady, & str0ng
InshAllah, n0thing will g0 wr0ng 🙂
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Sometimes I feel I seek a love…


Sometimes I feel I seek a love
From another world, another land
A love that is not bound by words,
gazes, or holding hands
I seek a love that is true
To the meanings of emotions felt
One that is not bound
By a proposal that is knelt
The one that can go on in silence with endless embraces
One that is not lost when winds of time wiped its traces
I go for the love that no beauty holds
The purity of which no stories have told
A love that is undefined by books of wisdom
Yet the one that is more valuable than the whole kingdom
From highs to lows and darkness to light
A love that brings its own pure sight
Yes, I seek a love not real
Or maybe it is, if only you can feel.

-Yumna Jalil