Realizing the light within…



Problem with telling someone what hurts you is that… the moment you open up to them, you expect them to protect you from being hurt, for them to defend you from any harm… Still, despite knowing your life & its games, you hold your breath and once again, like always, take a chance, hope that this time will be different… That this person will actually be a friend who will help you heal as well as protect you from any harm, at least try to….  But once again, life proves you wrong… Proves that some people are meant to be healers but not healed by someone… That they are suppose to keep the secrests and be the help but when it comes to them, they have to be their own help, shoulder, recharger …  That like sun, they need to bring the light from within… And that light only comes from one source… From The ONE… HE who helped you then, will help you now … Dream, hope, take chances… Fall but rise & know that it is all part of life … & yet, at the end of the day, know that perhaps HE doesnt want you to share with anyone else but HiM, and that HE loves you so much thats why HE lets you be the sun who sheds light, even to those who take it for granted, who gives energy and warmth…  & if realizes, then let it be… Because HE values you, lights up you heart even when sometimes you ignore it… And HE loves you, for if HE didn’t, you would’ve been left amongst the ones who went astray… So trust HIM, share with HIM, love HIM, love & care for people for HIS sake … Do what you do for HIS sake… and turn to HIM, return to HIM… Just care about what HE thinks 🙂 expect …but only from HIM …

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All the lies we tell them…  All the masks we wear…  And yet they never realize what we hid in all these years…  Why is it that the closer the relations, the distant they seem …  Live together and yet not close enough… So who shall we expect to see the truth in our eyes, the pain our heart when those sitting next to us are miles apart??

And then all you can do is pray…  In silent tears when in sajdah…  And when they start rolling through your eyes, you scream so loud and yet so silent that only HE can hear, and perhaps those who HE allows to…  And you dont complain, ask for help or anything…  Instead, you just cry…. Let the pain out… And let HIM be your shoulder… Let HIM be the one to hug you tight and cuddle up just so that all the pain you’ve been holding on is let go…

And then, after moments of what seemed like eternity, you wipe the tears and pray… Pray what you normally do, for your loved ones and for guidance and forgiveness…and nothing special…. What happened moments ago is left unspoken… Except for maybe, asking HIM to make you stronger…  Asking HIM to be your best friend… And thanking HIM for being one & making you stronger…

And then, it is back to regular life… Once again let all be stuffed down until it comes crashing down… And until then, let it be a secret… Of u & HIM… Let it be ur safe haven…  And let those sitting & living with you be themselves…  And understand that when it is time HE will send the one who can understand you, your lies, and ur pain …. and then that person can share the secret you have with HIM, and even though that person can never be HIM, but still … And it can be in form of ur family, friend, child, or spouse…. In either way, you’ll have one less person to wear mask infront of…. One less person to lie to… And one less person to hide ur pain from… One less person to pretend to…

Waiting kills…  But it’s worth it…

Sometimes I feel I seek a love…


Sometimes I feel I seek a love
From another world, another land
A love that is not bound by words,
gazes, or holding hands
I seek a love that is true
To the meanings of emotions felt
One that is not bound
By a proposal that is knelt
The one that can go on in silence with endless embraces
One that is not lost when winds of time wiped its traces
I go for the love that no beauty holds
The purity of which no stories have told
A love that is undefined by books of wisdom
Yet the one that is more valuable than the whole kingdom
From highs to lows and darkness to light
A love that brings its own pure sight
Yes, I seek a love not real
Or maybe it is, if only you can feel.

-Yumna Jalil

Smiling through the pain :)

broken-heart-hand-holdThere are times in life when heart succumbs to what mind has to offer – it accepts reality and steps out of the world of hope & “fantasy” & “dream” … yet deep inside it keeps a hope alive, its so secret that not even heart knows of it unless something happens against that hope & then mind just smiles at the innocence of the heart …




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Every wound eventually heals; some leave no trace but a memory, some a scar, others cripple you forever unless …you find someone who has the ability to fix it as such that no-one is able to notice it….

Be careful with your words & actions, for some of them can change a person or may even kill something inside them…a hope, a belief… For its just a “mistake” at your end but a price of lifetime for them…

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