Realizing the light within…

Problem with telling someone what hurts you is that... the moment you open up to them, you expect them to protect you from being hurt, for them to defend you from any harm... Still, despite knowing your life & its games, you hold your breath and once again, like always, take a chance, hope that [...]



All the lies we tell them...  All the masks we wear...  And yet they never realize what we hid in all these years...  Why is it that the closer the relations, the distant they seem ...  Live together and yet not close enough... So who shall we expect to see the truth in our eyes, [...]

Sometimes I feel I seek a love…

Sometimes I feel I seek a love From another world, another land A love that is not bound by words, gazes, or holding hands I seek a love that is true To the meanings of emotions felt One that is not bound By a proposal that is knelt The one that can go on in [...]

Smiling through the pain :)

There are times in life when heart succumbs to what mind has to offer – it accepts reality and steps out of the world of hope & "fantasy" & "dream” … yet deep inside it keeps a hope alive, its so secret that not even heart knows of it unless something happens against that hope [...]


Every wound eventually heals; some leave no trace but a memory, some a scar, others cripple you forever unless find someone who has the ability to fix it as such that no-one is able to notice it.... Be careful with your words & actions, for some of them can change a person or may [...]