I don’t feel sorry for Palestinians

While we feel sorry for the #Palestinians, I don't.... I simply feel they are lucky... the women, the children, the old & the young alongside men... All dying for sake of Allah... each giving their life in jihad... each chanting Allah.o.Akbar... We "Muslim" ummah, an Ummah of billions of Muslims, feel sorry for them... make [...]


“I hate Aamir Liaquat, but I still want to watch him”

I honestly fail to understand why is it that people spend time watching the entire Aamir Liaquat Ramadan transmission and then just comment/abuse/criticize/make fun of on facebook/twitter?  He is mocking religion in one way, you lots are doing it the other... Hate him so much, then STOP WATCHING HIM ... Simple as that!  Entire 15 [...]

How to Protest?

All I hear is violence/peace …The media highlights the violence while the peaceful rallies/protests are ignored…We have been fed enough lies & conspiracies that everything feels fake…I’m done with argumenting or anything, more so, I hate when “literates” refuse to protest the way they feel protests should be and then condemn the illiterate group for [...]