I don’t feel sorry for Palestinians

While we feel sorry for the #Palestinians, I don't.... I simply feel they are lucky... the women, the children, the old & the young alongside men... All dying for sake of Allah... each giving their life in jihad... each chanting Allah.o.Akbar... We "Muslim" ummah, an Ummah of billions of Muslims, feel sorry for them... make [...]


…Do not say, “You are not a believer”…

Assalam-0-alaikum ... So i was just killing time in a productive way... Well, trying to have my sleep back... And yet not too fresh to read Al-Quran so was finally reading the book, "The beautiful commands of Allah" compiled by Ruqqiyyah Waris Maqsood ... A book that contains common commands of Allah as mentioned in [...]

Like a déjà vu, coming all around …

That moment when like a deja vu... despite everything you do and see... it feels like you're missing that energetic, anxious, happy feeling for Ramadan al-Kareem ... i really hope its just a feeling that will pass away and not just a sign ... coz last time i felt it, i regretted it ... I [...]

How to Protest?

All I hear is violence/peace …The media highlights the violence while the peaceful rallies/protests are ignored…We have been fed enough lies & conspiracies that everything feels fake…I’m done with argumenting or anything, more so, I hate when “literates” refuse to protest the way they feel protests should be and then condemn the illiterate group for [...]

Same thing … different version …

Getting straight to the point I have noticed that despite the fact that we have emerged as a different nation on the face of world in 1947, it feels that we really aren’t that much different.  And before I continue further, let me tell you this is not a political debate of “Secular or Religious” [...]