Anger Management

Anger:  some people pour it on others, some consume it within… while some use it to achieve their dreams…  whether your anger turns an acid (for others and yourself) or turns into fuel, it’s a choice that only you can make!!!

As for me… I am happy to use it as fuel!!!


Finding that center of gravity

Humans, at the same time, play multiple characters at once. They hold multiple positions at the same time… You can be oppressed & yet be the oppressor at once. And for that reason, I have learned that perhaps life is all about finding that balance, that center of gravity within yourself so that all your roles, duties are balanced, and none is suffering because of the other… Yet, we get so carried away, or perhaps at times, intimidated by a certain character of ourselves that we don’t realize how much others are suffering, and sometimes the ones suffering were in fact the ones that needed to be treasured more…

Congratulations, you are born, with a wail of cry you enter the world, you haven’t even opened your eyes yet and still you are entitled of so many positions in life, so many relations awaited for you to own them.  You are born, and you are a son/daughter, a sister/brother, a believer/nonbeliever, a niece/nephew, a grandson/granddaughter, and so on.  You haven’t learn to say a word, and perhaps you are even entitled as an uncle/aunt or perhaps granduncle/grandaunt.  Then as you grow, you keep adding to your titles, you keep adding your social circle, and your responsibilities.  It never stops, and continues until you die.

Today, I finally felt motivated to write about it while talking to a dear one.  I loved the gesture they did; they acted and took care of the responsibilities that one of their titles brought along them, and yet, one of their other relation suffered and they seemed completely oblivious to it.  It made me respect and yet disrespect them, both at once and I realized that is the case with all of us.  It includes me, you, them…  everyone!

You are either a believer or you are not, and this means that you either have an additional responsibility or not.  If you are a believer, then along with the worldly relations, you have to satisfy your Creator too and if you are not, then perhaps just focus on worldly relations.

Being a Muslim, at least for me, it all revolves around my religion, each of them holds their significance and makes me fulfill my certain duties towards them.  And yet, at times it is not easy.  In order to satisfy one relation, I end up being unjust to the other.  But what I have learned is that Islam makes it easy to balance them by telling us the priorities, and once we start balancing according to that list, it becomes comparatively easier to balance them, if not 100%.

However, if you are not a believer, then perhaps you can be unjust to either while being perfect for one of them.  But then, I have realized that eventually it makes you suffer more than the relation or the person on the other hand.  Because try as we might, we can never live with just one relation in world.  Even being an introvert makes you crave for relations, perhaps limited ones.

I don’t have any solution, but I do know that in order to have harmony in life, one does need to learn to balance relations.  Just because you got married, doesn’t mean your spouse is the only one who deserves your 100% dedication, and while it does to an extent, still it shouldn’t be on the expense of your duties towards your parents.  Or just because you are now blessed with a child, doesn’t mean you overlook your duties to your spouse.  And while you are balancing them all, doesn’t mean you completely ignore the friend who helped you through the ups and downs of life.  And while you are balancing them, don’t at all forget yourself, and your Creator (if you are a believer).

In the end, best of luck finding that balance, that harmony!  Because I still am trying to balance it all.


Keeping the flame alive


Love is like a fire that can either keep you warm in coldness of life or it can burn you to ashes.  I have experienced both.  Seven months of marriage and I’ve stayed warm and collected ashes altogether but despite how much it has burnt, I would still work to keep the flame alive, I can still not let it go off, and I still will never let it burn down all that I have.  I love my husband with all I have, more and more each day.  Alhumdulillah I am lucky to have him.  And yet, he is a typical husband who drives me nuts at times but I have learned that it is up to me whether or not I want to let him drive me nuts.  I have learned that often times problems in marriage start nurturing, yes, even though *nurture* is a word that is mostly used for giving a positive outlook for something, still I have used it and the reason is that often times, the problems in our marriage is what we choose to nurture unintentionally.  We choose to let the problem grow, giving it all it needs to evolve and grow to the point where we can’t stand each other.  We put ourselves first, and while at times you do need to do that still, in a marriage, you need to keep your partner first, regardless of whether or not they put you first.  If you love them, there are no rules, no ego, no conditions, just do it.  And as I have learned, it isn’t so hard after all.  If you start taking care of the possibly little things, the big things will take care of themselves.  Kind of like oxygen in life.  You need oxygen to live, and yet it is the care of oxygen that is neglected the most.  What do you need to do?  Just plant more trees, keep the environment alive, and that isn’t so hard, is it?  You plant a tree and take care of it until it grows, and then it starts taking care of itself and gives you fruits, and oxygen, of course.  It cleans the air that allows you to live better.  And have you noticed how more greener the place is, the more full of nature, and the more you have positive feelings in you?  Likewise, in marriage, just take care of little things and soon after they start taking care of you.  Why fight over petty issues like “he didn’t reply me,” “he can’t put the folded clothes in closet or put the dirty ones in basket for laundry,” “he doesn’t listen to me,” “he doesn’t have time for me,” “we don’t go out,” “he just misunderstands me,” “he only supports his family and highlights my faults,” “he can’t keep things I tell him to himself,” “he doesn’t tell me if I have cooked good food,” “he doesn’t thank enough,” etc.  And while these are “little things” that men need to really pay attention to more, still, why let them stop you from doing your part?  Why let it all stop you from being the wonderful creation of God that you are?  There is a reason that God made you the way you are, that HE made you a woman, and one of the biggest attributes of woman is her ability to forgive, to overcome hardships, to embrace everyone, to love, to give, to understand, to comfort.  Yes, men don’t understand that, or perhaps don’t realize it.  Thanks to the mainstream media, women have mostly been portrayed as emotional beings who can’t think logically or are too dumb, and too sensitive.  While it is true to an extent, it is not entirely factual.  A woman may be sensitive but she is stronger than him, strong enough to take care of the emotional and physical needs of men and her family, whereas not all of the times can a man take care of emotional and physical needs of his wife and in very rare cases can he even take care of the two, mostly it would just be one of them while other, not too much.  Similarly, she may look dumb, but she is more logical and rational than men in a lot of cases b/c she can think from her heart and brain but men can only do that from brain.  A woman can take care of herself whereas usually men need an intimate partner.  And I don’t mean to underestimate men or be a feminist, but these are realities.  Not all men and women are like that.  But majority is.  My point is, as a couple, as a team, the main focus should be on each other and making the marriage successful, and therefore, if the other is not paying attention, it could be because he/she is incapable of doing it.  And that is when you need to play your part.  Now, while it may look that it is all in vain, it is NOT!  The result may not appear right away but you will see it in coming days.

I’m a person who can’t resist an argument, esp. if the argument is on wrong basis or biased or racist.  And hence me & my husband end up having a lot of arguments, not on regular basis, but usually when people are around because we both have an opinion.  And sometimes I hated the fact that why can’t he simply agree with me, why does he have to object?  So, my dad answered me this and it did make sense.  He said, “Man may be convinced at heart that his wife is right, but in a group of people, even his family, closed ones, he would just not admit it and keep arguing.  It is better for you to give up than hurt his ego in front of anyone.”  Now, being the person I am, my feminine nature objected it right away but then when I thought about it, it was really worth consideration.  Our society is a society where not only females, but males have to face certain criticism regarding their behavior.  And if my giving up an argument in front of group of people would save our relation, what’s wrong in it?  I mean if I think about it, what exactly is I’m getting by winning an argument?  Applaud? Praise? But if that is costing me my husband being hurt, are they worth it?  And answer is “No.”  There have been numerous situations where I just hate what my husband does, little things that drive me nuts.  But when I put them all on reality check of what I’m gaining and losing, I realize that I would rather ignore those little things than lose my love, my partner, or let any of that come between us.  And the best part is that even my husband does that, ignoring little things.  There are times when I find out later that I was wrong, at fault, my behavior or my act, and when I realize how he ignored it and didn’t let it come between us, I am thankful.  Alhumdulillah.  And that encourages me more, to ignore what he does.  It is then that I realize that marriage isn’t hard.  It needs both of us, like a jigsaw puzzle of 2 pieces, that may not be perfect individually but they complete the picture, the complete each other.

And that’s how you keep flame alive.  You see what’s bothering you, and you ignore it for the sake of each other, or perhaps you share it with your partner, you tell them, but you don’t let that come between the two of you.  You need to ask yourself is that really worth put your relationship on line?  Because if you let it come between you now, no matter how little it is, it will keep growing to the point where you both will be standing miles apart, and the price to pay for being together would be far more than you have to pay now.  In fact, if it is indeed so little, why even bother wasting time on it?  If he fails to do something, you do it.  If he doesn’t text you from work, you text him.  And trust me, you may not realize it, but one day when you won’t, he will ask you what’s wrong, why didn’t you text him, and it may not be in a way saying “I missed your text today,” but it would mean that.  He may not say it as often or maybe ever, but if he is looking forward to dinner or lunch, and eating a tummy full, he likes the food you cooked.  Because if it is once in a while, he is hungry, but if it is regular, he loves it.  If he doesn’t put things where they need to be kept, it is because he trusts in you that you will take care of him.  And I know how much we women want to hear those loving words, but sometimes you need to understand his language.  Try to learn his even if he is too busy that he is unable to learn yours.  Go ahead, keep the flame alive.  Don’t let little things ruin your relation.  Be patient, be loving, be caring.  You, as a woman, are best at it.  And for a change, stop comparing yourself or your life or your happiness with anyone else’s, because truth is that neither of you two are same as that couple, nor are your backgrounds, or your surroundings, and definitely not your life.  And if none of that is same, then how can you expect your relationship to have same result as theirs?  And if you do want to compare, compare your life with those having harder times than you are, that will make you be thankful for what you have!  But no matter what you do, keep the flame alive!

Missing simple things in life

And then she picked up her laptop and decided to write what she was feeling…

So it is my first official blog post of sharing my feelings and views ever since I got married?  Of course the Maleficient one is just a movie review so that doesn’t really count, unless it does.  Never mind… I have been willing to write for quite a time now and sometimes I even did but that was mostly in my head.  So what is it motivated me to grab my laptop and write now?  The answer is simple… Missing family, have too much of time to myself… and most importantly wanting to share with someone but yet not knowing with whom should I share it with?

Alhumdulillah all went well, got married, moved to UK, and now enjoying the blessed month, Ramadan Kareem.  And yet here I am feeling empty.  I know, a lot of you might suggest to pray, read Quran, check online tutorials for learning something, increase my knowledge, etc but truth is, for a person like me, sometimes even that is not enough, and sometimes I don’t even feel motivated to do that.  Being a person who is easily bored, and who has lived most of her life with her choices, her decisions, compliments and encouragement, all of a sudden the life is just not the same.

I live with really nice family, my mother in law even prepares the whole iftar and food for sehri and all I have to do is either set the table or sometimes not even that and just have to clean it after Iftari, wash the dishes, and that’s it.  Yes, sometimes put clothes in laundry, ironing, or dusting the house while my brother in law would vacuum it… So now, one may ask, with such an easily life why am I still not content?  Actually, Alhumdulillah I am content but I guess just missing the feeling that I used to have back in home…  I cannot define it… I don’t even know what it is or how to get it back… But I still miss it… I pray to Allah and ask HIM to help me out and perhaps HE is helping me, it is just me who is unable to see how…

Sometimes I wonder if it is missing the whole energetic enthusiasm of Ramadan in our home where we would divide chores, sometimes fight, either of us will either have a request or where I will try a new recipe on either daily or sometimes weekly basis and then have the critics and compliments… Or whether it was not liking Mum’s made dahi baray but asking Dad to bring ‘em and then he would bring meethay dahi baray and fish pakoray and laung chiray… And we would all be wondering would it be left for us later or not… That sitting late at night with mum and bhai and making samosays and then picking up whether it would be chicken or qeema, but definitely an aalo samosa in the menu… That keeping a whole bottle of tang for myself and teasing mum that she can’t have as they have their Rooh Afza so Tang is just for me… That whispering to dad or bhai to ask either of the other two to make post-iftar tea…

Yes, life was a bit complicated then… sometimes even annoying… but with simple, nothing-much-to-do here life, I miss the feeling of happiness… the little moments of joy that I received when dad bought something for me at iftari, or when me and bhai would divide chores and while I made fruit chaat and juice, he would fry samosas and pakoras, and mum’s cholay with imli ki chatni…. Not to forget, sharing same taste…  Sometimes even having arguments pre or post sehri or complaining how only one has to do the cleaning… Sometimes bhai or me, or ammi washing the dishes and sorting the leftovers to be kept in fridge….

That making bhai take me for at least a day’s shopping when I would need to buy jootis or chooriyan…

Yes… Life is better in many ways… Alhumdulillah… blessed…. but with all great things, I am missing the simple things more… Whether it be Mum’s chholay & samosay, bhai’s pampering, dad’s bringing home dahi baray, fish pakoray, & laung chiray, or making the elder twos make tea, or perhaps trying new recipes and acting like a cook for my blog or instagram… I miss it all… all that we take for granted… miss it more… daily… everyday…

Is this love?

Just sharing a piece I read somewhere… Felt interesting… even making me wonder what love is…

Why can’t you give a simple answer?” “Why do you have to reply everything with prolonged sentences and counter questions?” “If he asked you if you want to go, you could’ve simply replied by saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’, why did you have to say, ‘I’ll go if you take me else I won’t?’… is he suppose to dress you up and then carry you there?” He said it in one go while she stared at the sky, trying to digest every word coming out of her cellphone’s speaker, not believing what she was hearing… Then, when he paused, she replied with trembling voice, trying to stay as strong as she could and said, “He asked me if I want to go, and I asked where? But instead of telling me, he just said nowhere and left.  Before pointing me out, please make sure he was right too.  But I guess you are right, the fault is mine.  I’m sorry I called at this hour for your help. Take care. Bye.”  And in one go she said it and hung up, not waiting to hear another word.  She had heard enough.  It wasn’t the first time, and now she was sure it won’t be the last time either.  Five months for her, were enough to know that it isn’t something that just happened, it was something that is going to continue happening.   When will it stop?  She didn’t know.  But what she did know was that, it was about time she accepted that no matter what the situation is, she will always be considered as the one who argues, who gives counter questions & replies, who has baseless logics, who doesn’t know anything at all, and most of all someone who will always be wrong.She wiped her tears, filled out her form, and kept wondering why had she made the call?  She could’ve filled form on her own too.  Why does she give him so much importance when he treats her like she is nothing?  And as these thoughts crossed her mind, her cellphone ringed.  There were messages from him reading “I still love you,” “hugs,” “kisses,” “sweetheart,” and all the likes.  She stared at them, not sure what to reply back.  Does she still love him?  Of course, because she knew herself well enough that the moment he enters the house, she will reply to him same way, if he smiles at her, she will forget everything and love him even more with all her heart.  She tried to ignore but her heart didn’t let her, so she picked up her phone and replied back “…love u too…” but still she stared, trying to understand his love.  Is this love?  Is it all about saying those romantic things in isolation but yet treating completing opposite when in front of others?  Not caring about her feelings.  Has he forgotten that he, being her husband, is supposed to take care of her, protect her, love her, care about her?  Never understanding is one thing but not even trying to understand her? Without knowing whole story, just declaring her wrong? Not once or twice but always? treating her like a fly?

Is that what love is????

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