Is this love?

Just sharing a piece I read somewhere... Felt interesting... even making me wonder what love is... " Why can't you give a simple answer?" "Why do you have to reply everything with prolonged sentences and counter questions?" "If he asked you if you want to go, you could've simply replied by saying 'yes' or 'no', [...]


Time to clean out life —

It’s been long since I wrote for my weekend diaries, despite how much I had initially intended to… Anyhoo… Well With my Masters done, and looking for a serious life long activity… And most of all, with plenty of time to think about all the stuff at home, I’m thinking of cleaning out my life… [...]

Sit and wonder why?

Well technically this title is supposed to be from lyrics of the song “Only One – Alex Band” still, you can say it’s partially because it’s one of the songs that’s always humming in my head or simply because it’s pretty much the state I am in atm…  Life altering decisions – when you take [...]

Same thing … different version …

Getting straight to the point I have noticed that despite the fact that we have emerged as a different nation on the face of world in 1947, it feels that we really aren’t that much different.  And before I continue further, let me tell you this is not a political debate of “Secular or Religious” [...]