Chicken Basil in spicy sweet’n’sour stir fry sauce

Ingredients: Full chicken breasts (roughly about 1 kg) cut in 1 inch strips1 tsp oil1 whole capsicum cut in strips2 carrots cut in thin strips For Stir fry:1 cup oyster sauce1/4 tsp soy sauce1 tbsp crushed red chilli1/2 tsp red chilli powder1 tbsp honey1 tsp brown sugar1 tsp vinegarhalf lemon juice 2 dozen basil leaves [...]


Allah – mankind – me

When Allah loves someone, He sets him free letting it come to Him when he pleases, letting him love Him back when he wills ... Yet, when mankind loves someone, he's looking on ways to bind him to himself, someway that it won't go away even if it hurts him, he doesn't care because he [...]