“I hate Aamir Liaquat, but I still want to watch him”


I honestly fail to understand why is it that people spend time watching the entire Aamir Liaquat Ramadan transmission and then just comment/abuse/criticize/make fun of on facebook/twitter?  He is mocking religion in one way, you lots are doing it the other… Hate him so much, then STOP WATCHING HIM … Simple as that!  Entire 15 days he has been doing the same show in same way, and then all of a sudden people who made fun of Taher Shah, realize how jerk Aamir Liaquat is b/c he made fun of him on live show and in front of him?  So exactly who is bigger jerk?  The one who makes fun of you in front of you, or the one who does it behind and online? … People made fun of Taher Shah to the point that he actually got famous … not b/c of his song, but b/c of the amount of times people shared his memes… and now, when TV show anchors are doing it, they are bad …

Seriously… If you hate someone, stop watching/listening them … but if you want to watch them just so that you can talk more about them… then well, for me at least, you’re the bigger hypocrite…!  Before evaluating anyone’s level of being a jerk, evaluate yourself…!  Before criticizing Aamir Liaquat for making fun of what should be a religious transmission, ask yourself if you are actually being an honor for the religion!

The month of blessing, Ramadan is about leave… and satan maybe jailed… but apparently I see a worker and friend of satan everywhere … Not on TV only, but around me … we all should be banned for not keeping the honor of our religion and not just an online TV anchor …

P.S:  No, I don’t like Aamir Liaquat… I even didn’t know Taher Shah except for all the “memes” people made about him … I barely watch the Ramadan Transmission for I no longer feel they have the essence that they had when it all started… Perhaps the essence back then was also to gain interest and making people look forward to watch them so that once they are addicted to Ramadan Transmissions, they can actually take them away from making most of this blessed month… But yet… I know one thing… You either watch it, or you don’t… And if you watch it just to criticize it, well you’re wasting your time 2x…  If you are using names for someone, you’re wrong too… because it is because of you people that that particular anchor is so famous that every channel is willing to pay him the highest, and so is every product wiling to sponsor him … So go ahead, enjoy your Ramadan transmission this year … and enjoy criticizing… !!


Sometimes I feel I seek a love…


Sometimes I feel I seek a love
From another world, another land
A love that is not bound by words,
gazes, or holding hands
I seek a love that is true
To the meanings of emotions felt
One that is not bound
By a proposal that is knelt
The one that can go on in silence with endless embraces
One that is not lost when winds of time wiped its traces
I go for the love that no beauty holds
The purity of which no stories have told
A love that is undefined by books of wisdom
Yet the one that is more valuable than the whole kingdom
From highs to lows and darkness to light
A love that brings its own pure sight
Yes, I seek a love not real
Or maybe it is, if only you can feel.

-Yumna Jalil

How to Protest?

All I hear is violence/peace …
The media highlights the violence while the peaceful rallies/protests are ignored…
We have been fed enough lies & conspiracies that everything feels fake…
I’m done with argumenting or anything, more so, I hate when “literates” refuse to protest the way they feel protests should be and then condemn the illiterate group for being violent or anything … (which I don’t agree with 100% that they are but being portrayed that way…)

Allah knows better what we should or shouldn’t be doing$…

However, all I know is that we are in world of deception, literate people refuse to protest on their own yet immediately stand up against current protests on how it should be, like..seriously?

Nevertheless I just came to one conclusion…the one answer I got, that let’s me know how I need to protest…

If you have trouble deciding? Then ask this to yourself:

What would you do…
…if someone uses most obscene language against your parents?
…if someone made an “obscene” movie against your bro/sis/parents/children and spread it worldwide?
…if someone ridicules your family?
…if someone attacks your home?

— whatever your answer to above questions is… is your answer to the question regarding what you should do for protest as an Ummati …

Because, none of us can be a true believer till we love RasoolAllah S.A.W more than his family…

May Allah SWT guide us to the right path & right decision … Aameen