Anger Management

Anger:  some people pour it on others, some consume it within... while some use it to achieve their dreams...  whether your anger turns an acid (for others and yourself) or turns into fuel, it's a choice that only you can make!!! As for me... I am happy to use it as fuel!!!


Life is beautiful – A perfect story!

Everything has its place in time ... Every character, pain, joy, smile, tears, difficulty, ease, haters, lovers, supporters, trouble makers... All are meant to be there to create the perfect story ... And it does not necessarily mean that it should have a happy ending or full of love, even life has its genres... Action, [...]

Realizing the light within…

Problem with telling someone what hurts you is that... the moment you open up to them, you expect them to protect you from being hurt, for them to defend you from any harm... Still, despite knowing your life & its games, you hold your breath and once again, like always, take a chance, hope that [...]

Child Abuse is Not Limited

Not often, or rather in very rare cases do we ever think that perhaps there is another form of child abuse too? Or at least, I feel there is another form too ... For me, using abusive words in conversation, calling names, etc can be a form of child abuse too...

Smiling through the pain :)

There are times in life when heart succumbs to what mind has to offer – it accepts reality and steps out of the world of hope & "fantasy" & "dream” … yet deep inside it keeps a hope alive, its so secret that not even heart knows of it unless something happens against that hope [...]