Chapter 3 – In pursuit of Happiness?

So basically I have no idea why I kept the title of this post as “In pursuit of happiness”  basically this post is my version for finding happiness… but nevertheless, I just was reminded of the movie and the name felt like a good title?  Anyhoo… So… let’s see… I could go on with past [...]



Three people were laying bricks. A passerby asked them what they were doing. The first one replied, "Don't you see I am making a living?" The second one said, "Don't you see I am lying bricks?" The third one said, "I am building a beautiful monument." Here were three people doing the same thing who [...]

Masters of IR & Jack of Everything Else

Alhumdulillah … Finally done with my Masters in International Relations 🙂 on the funniest date: 13-2-13 😛 … Found out last night… when my cousin told me the result’s online and well completely nervous I checked mine… initially planned on checking in morning but then, curious creature that I am… checked it in night… once, [...]

Little Things?

Little drops of water,Little drains of sand,Make the mighty oceanAnd the beauteous land. And the little moments,Humble though they be,Make the mighty agesOf eternity. So our little errorsLead the soul away,From the paths of virtueInto sin to stray. Little deeds of kindness,Little words of love,Make our earth an Eden,Like the heaven above. ~Julia A. Carney [...]

Looking at the same situation in an anticlock style :)

Assalam-0-alaikum waRehmatullahe waBarakatahu I hope you all are doing good and taking full advantage of this blessed month, Ramadan Kareem, by doing as many good deeds as you can…  No specific reason have I today to write this blog post except for maybe sharing a view that just clicked to me a while ago, not [...]