Finding that center of gravity

Humans, at the same time, play multiple characters at once. They hold multiple positions at the same time... You can be oppressed & yet be the oppressor at once. And for that reason, I have learned that perhaps life is all about finding that balance, that center of gravity within yourself so that all your [...]


Missing words… fading into silence…

Need I say more?  For past few months I have realized something about me ... or life ... don't know ... either way, I have realized that there comes a time in life where you realize that being silent is better than speaking out your mind... Though, I know that being me, I will end [...]

We all have something to say

If you think among your group of friends, you’re the only one with pens and diaries or blogs (in this techno life) and not to forget, feelings and some intellectual lessons of life that you would share so that someone may read and find you interesting, then you’re wrong… Truth is, we all have something [...]

Smiling through the pain :)

There are times in life when heart succumbs to what mind has to offer – it accepts reality and steps out of the world of hope & "fantasy" & "dream” … yet deep inside it keeps a hope alive, its so secret that not even heart knows of it unless something happens against that hope [...]