Deciding the already decided

Some decisions are hard to make… Not because they are hard, but simply because of the society we live in… The people we are meant to live with… They make it harder because of two reasons (I suppose)…. 1) because they aren’t strong enough to stand against the society or 2) because they too are like them (the society) …

So what should one do?  Listen to people or listen to the Creator? … Of course, listen to the Creator, end of discussion… I wish it was… Instead… It is the very reason to make it harder… Because unfortunately the society we live in….or at least one I live in and come across to… It only makes it harder… The moment you step up to do something for HIS sake, something that isn’t exactly in favour or pleasing to society, they start pointing you out your dozen other wrong deeds… They don’t encourage you to take this right step and keep taking more, INSTEAD, they pull you down… Remind you of all wrong steps you took etc…

Yes, I live in this Non-Islamic “Muslim” society…. Unfortunately… Or maybe fortunately, Allah knows better…  But here’s a request, if you truly fear Allah, your Creator… Then please don’t pull down someone who is trying to take a right step, just because you walk on the wrong path… Be true Muslim… Say MashA’llah and pray to Allah that HE helps him/her, and you, and this society in walking on the right path too…

As for me… Though for now I’m one against more like 99% of all females I know… Still, I intend to keep my decision… No shaping of eyebrows… Alhumdulillah mine don’t need… And yet people tell me that I should, esp when it will be the time of my marriage… And I don’t understand why? … Just because the media and makeup artists say it is important?? How???
Ok, I will if they promise to take responsibility and agree to be punished in hell because of it!!! Will they?? Nop… So why should I care??

& as I always have believed in Allah helping me through… Likewise it happened now… Almost at edge of changing my decision, unwillingly… I opened Twitter, though I hadn’t opened it in longest time… And there on my TL was this quote:

Never change who you are just because you’re afraid of losing them. If they really love you, your imperfections won’t matter.

Shukar Alhumdulillah… Yes, I’m a sinner not a saint… but I have no intention of increasing the load of my sins just because “some” people are influenced by “media” and their “definition of beauty”….
And the fact that I ended up seeing that quote is a proof that HE is happy with my decision too & wants me to stick to it InshA’llah 🙂

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