Finding that center of gravity

Humans, at the same time, play multiple characters at once. They hold multiple positions at the same time... You can be oppressed & yet be the oppressor at once. And for that reason, I have learned that perhaps life is all about finding that balance, that center of gravity within yourself so that all your [...]


Deciding the already decided

Some decisions are hard to make... Not because they are hard, but simply because of the society we live in... The people we are meant to live with... They make it harder because of two reasons (I suppose).... 1) because they aren't strong enough to stand against the society or 2) because they too are [...]

Taking leap of faith…

Ever had that moment before which, everything kept going perfect and then all of a sudden someone says something and you start feeling weird... Like something is not right... And something is different... No matter how much you try to tell ur heart not to panic, it still does... And what next?  Even things seem [...]

Allah – mankind – me

When Allah loves someone, He sets him free letting it come to Him when he pleases, letting him love Him back when he wills ... Yet, when mankind loves someone, he's looking on ways to bind him to himself, someway that it won't go away even if it hurts him, he doesn't care because he [...]


Every wound eventually heals; some leave no trace but a memory, some a scar, others cripple you forever unless find someone who has the ability to fix it as such that no-one is able to notice it.... Be careful with your words & actions, for some of them can change a person or may [...]