Silent screams…

Writing a poem after longest time... Wondering if I can still rhyme!!!


Where do I belong?

It would seem rather a stupid question to ask… from strangers… or known…  but still, asking… Where do I belong?  … It seems like most of my views are those that fit in with history but not current situations… Though, almost 28… I’m still too young to be part of quite old history and yet, [...]

Spicy Butter Chicken w/ Veggie Chunks in Creamy Tomato Sauce

Big name eh? But a real easy dish and well if you have all things ready then it will probably take about 30 minuyes, if not, then about 45 mins to an hour... Ingredients for Spicy Butter Chicken: *. Chicken (doesn't matter if it is boneless or not) *. Garlic chutney (Ok this is something [...]


All the lies we tell them...  All the masks we wear...  And yet they never realize what we hid in all these years...  Why is it that the closer the relations, the distant they seem ...  Live together and yet not close enough... So who shall we expect to see the truth in our eyes, [...]

Sit and wonder why?

Well technically this title is supposed to be from lyrics of the song “Only One – Alex Band” still, you can say it’s partially because it’s one of the songs that’s always humming in my head or simply because it’s pretty much the state I am in atm…  Life altering decisions – when you take [...]

We all have something to say

If you think among your group of friends, you’re the only one with pens and diaries or blogs (in this techno life) and not to forget, feelings and some intellectual lessons of life that you would share so that someone may read and find you interesting, then you’re wrong… Truth is, we all have something [...]