What I’m Feeling

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Staring at the moonlight, trying hard to think right;
Everyday is a new day, every night, a new night.
Things keep changing, life keeps moving;
The only thing that stays same is what I’m feeling.
I don’t know when it all ends,
I don’t know when it’ll go away,
All I feel is this pain with me, As if its here to stay.
I think about the last time, I was having good time;
Nothing seems to go right, nothing seems to be fine.
I wonder what its like to be, to have someone with me;
Someone who can make me smile, someone who can set me free.
But its all illusion, Its all just a dream;
Its one big mess, that’s what it all seems.
Lying here in my bed, with my eyes all so red;
I don’t want to cry no more, I don’t want to be sad.
Want to fly away from here, just want to break free;
But if I’m not in a cage, then why do I feel to be??

Ramsha Jalil


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