Self-Development :) …

Lifepath-Unlimited 1. Start now
Do something about your self-development today. Tomorrow, you can build on that.

2. Write down what you want to achieve
Keep it brief – perhaps three outcomes. Monitor what happens. Don’t feel bad if you modify your plan – life is about change. Whether you succeed or not, learn from the experience.

3. Learn from other people
Notice what other people do and learn from them. You can gain from their successes and their mistakes. Experience is a harsh teacher, but less so if it’s someone else’s experience

4. Embrace change
If people and ideas didn’t change, we’d still be in the Stone Age.

5. Take responsibility
Remember, you are responsible for your own development. If you don’t want to bother, who else will?

6. Recognise your worth
Think about how others benefit from what you do. If you develop yourself, those benefits will increase. Your self-development is for others as well as for you.

7. Think about resolutions
Before you make a resolution, make sure you really want the change. If you don’t, you won’t keep it up, then you’ll think up lots of excuses and feel guilty. Think of the excuses now. If they seem valid, you can decide now not to do it, and skip the guilt.

8. Challenge, not strain
Set yourself goals that are just out of reach. If your reach for the impossible you are setting yourself up for failure. If you stick to what’s easy you’re denying yourself the triumph of achievement.

9. Accept some weaknesses
We are all weak in some ways. We can be well balanced without being good at everything. If you’re ham-fisted, don’t try to make a career of painting Faberge eggs. There are plenty of other areas for self-development.

10. Keep at it
There’s no such thing as finished self-development. You can go on learning, changing and renewing for all of your life.


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