Postnatal Depression

It is real.  As real it can be.  Like the setting of the sun, one can feel their *energy,* their *positivity,* their *beliefs,* all fading to black -- all disappearing away as if they never were there.  And you keep looking for it, but it's like going in circles. When I look back now, I [...]


Keeping the flame alive

Love is like a fire that can either keep you warm in coldness of life or it can burn you to ashes.  I have experienced both.  Seven months of marriage and I’ve stayed warm and collected ashes altogether but despite how much it has burnt, I would still work to keep the flame alive, I [...]


So after being in London, UK, finally I got to go to a cinema… after finding out the ticket prices, I was not sure I still wanted to watch Disney’s Maleficent… but we did… and then I kept hoping that all the expense is worth it… because to be honest, after considering the remakes of [...]

Taking leap of faith…

Ever had that moment before which, everything kept going perfect and then all of a sudden someone says something and you start feeling weird... Like something is not right... And something is different... No matter how much you try to tell ur heart not to panic, it still does... And what next?  Even things seem [...]

Time to clean out life —

It’s been long since I wrote for my weekend diaries, despite how much I had initially intended to… Anyhoo… Well With my Masters done, and looking for a serious life long activity… And most of all, with plenty of time to think about all the stuff at home, I’m thinking of cleaning out my life… [...]