For staying updated…

Ola Reader! Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you enjoy your stay and find stuff worth reading and worth your time.  However, I'm moving on to Balancing Life On The Go; because I really am trying to balance my life as I go. Anyhoo, if you like, you may pop in over there to [...]


You’ll Be Missed…

You'll be missed but yet you won't know... Like the rain that's missed once it's gone... The sun when clouds have covered it grey... You'll be missed when you're gone away.... Yet these words she would never say... Too afraid from all the games that have been played... From anyone to everyone who came but [...]

Missing me?

Sometimess I miss me... the carefree me... the 'lets do this' me... the ambitious me... the student me.... the "always" helping out others me... the "always" up for anything me... because with you, i'm bound... it's not just me... it's us... it's 'i have to think about you first' me... it's 'i'm sorry i am [...]

Observing the observers

"They tell me how to dress up, how to talk, how to smile, how to laugh & live in style; all because they will be observing & judging my every step, every breath.... but did they forget that have eyes to see and ears to hear too?? for before you started judging me, i started [...]

Reignite or let it off?

And sometimes all you really need is a time out... open your diary of life... re-read the lessons it taught you, relive those moments and tell yourself, "If I could get through that, if this happened then, it can happen again & once again, I can get throught it now!" Things will happen all through [...]