Sun and Lost Smiles

Being in London for past three years, the Summer days seem to be a blessing... And why shouldn't they be?  After all, with rain and cloudy weather almost 80% of the times, a bright sunny day indeed is rare to see... Yet, there's something here other than just the rare occurrence of a sunny day [...]


Where do I belong?

It would seem rather a stupid question to ask… from strangers… or known…  but still, asking… Where do I belong?  … It seems like most of my views are those that fit in with history but not current situations… Though, almost 28… I’m still too young to be part of quite old history and yet, [...]

…Do not say, “You are not a believer”…

Assalam-0-alaikum ... So i was just killing time in a productive way... Well, trying to have my sleep back... And yet not too fresh to read Al-Quran so was finally reading the book, "The beautiful commands of Allah" compiled by Ruqqiyyah Waris Maqsood ... A book that contains common commands of Allah as mentioned in [...]

No more good bouquets?

With quick post i've got just few words to say (lucky you reader!) Anyhoo, getting to the point .. recently i received a few bouquets from friends and family..... Lovely!  Every girl's wish (or one of wishes) ... But at they same time the happiness didnt lasted long for the flowers wilted too soon... Imagine... [...]