Postnatal Depression

It is real.  As real it can be.  Like the setting of the sun, one can feel their *energy,* their *positivity,* their *beliefs,* all fading to black -- all disappearing away as if they never were there.  And you keep looking for it, but it's like going in circles. When I look back now, I [...]


Where do I belong?

It would seem rather a stupid question to ask… from strangers… or known…  but still, asking… Where do I belong?  … It seems like most of my views are those that fit in with history but not current situations… Though, almost 28… I’m still too young to be part of quite old history and yet, [...]

Deciding the already decided

Some decisions are hard to make... Not because they are hard, but simply because of the society we live in... The people we are meant to live with... They make it harder because of two reasons (I suppose).... 1) because they aren't strong enough to stand against the society or 2) because they too are [...]

Life & Driving

Once upon a time, about 10 years ago when I learned driving, my dad gave me a piece of advice.  He said that when you are driving, just remember two things; a) you are deaf, & b) everyone else is blind.  Just remember that you have to drive correctly and then if anyone is annoying [...]

Like a déjà vu, coming all around …

That moment when like a deja vu... despite everything you do and see... it feels like you're missing that energetic, anxious, happy feeling for Ramadan al-Kareem ... i really hope its just a feeling that will pass away and not just a sign ... coz last time i felt it, i regretted it ... I [...]