Where do I belong?

It would seem rather a stupid question to ask… from strangers… or known…  but still, asking… Where do I belong?  … It seems like most of my views are those that fit in with history but not current situations… Though, almost 28… I’m still too young to be part of quite old history and yet, [...]


Deciding the already decided

Some decisions are hard to make... Not because they are hard, but simply because of the society we live in... The people we are meant to live with... They make it harder because of two reasons (I suppose).... 1) because they aren't strong enough to stand against the society or 2) because they too are [...]

Just sharing a thought…

We live in a time where if a person talks about implementing one command of Allah & His prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w. then people remind that person of all the other 100 commands that that person (including themselves) don't follow...  Thus ignoring the one step towards betterment just because they didnt take any step in the [...]

…Do not say, “You are not a believer”…

Assalam-0-alaikum ... So i was just killing time in a productive way... Well, trying to have my sleep back... And yet not too fresh to read Al-Quran so was finally reading the book, "The beautiful commands of Allah" compiled by Ruqqiyyah Waris Maqsood ... A book that contains common commands of Allah as mentioned in [...]

“I hate Aamir Liaquat, but I still want to watch him”

I honestly fail to understand why is it that people spend time watching the entire Aamir Liaquat Ramadan transmission and then just comment/abuse/criticize/make fun of on facebook/twitter?  He is mocking religion in one way, you lots are doing it the other... Hate him so much, then STOP WATCHING HIM ... Simple as that!  Entire 15 [...]

Missing words… fading into silence…

Need I say more?  For past few months I have realized something about me ... or life ... don't know ... either way, I have realized that there comes a time in life where you realize that being silent is better than speaking out your mind... Though, I know that being me, I will end [...]