How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

Empathy is the ability to recognize and feel other peoples emotions. Sympathy is feeling compassion for other people. Often times to be an “empath” means that you are absorbing much of the pain and suffering in your environment, which can sacrifice your won ability to function at a high level. If you have every been… [...]


Anger Management

Anger:  some people pour it on others, some consume it within... while some use it to achieve their dreams...  whether your anger turns an acid (for others and yourself) or turns into fuel, it's a choice that only you can make!!! As for me... I am happy to use it as fuel!!!

Finding that center of gravity

Humans, at the same time, play multiple characters at once. They hold multiple positions at the same time... You can be oppressed & yet be the oppressor at once. And for that reason, I have learned that perhaps life is all about finding that balance, that center of gravity within yourself so that all your [...]

Keeping the flame alive

Love is like a fire that can either keep you warm in coldness of life or it can burn you to ashes.  I have experienced both.  Seven months of marriage and I’ve stayed warm and collected ashes altogether but despite how much it has burnt, I would still work to keep the flame alive, I [...]

I don’t feel sorry for Palestinians

While we feel sorry for the #Palestinians, I don't.... I simply feel they are lucky... the women, the children, the old & the young alongside men... All dying for sake of Allah... each giving their life in jihad... each chanting Allah.o.Akbar... We "Muslim" ummah, an Ummah of billions of Muslims, feel sorry for them... make [...]