Postnatal Depression

It is real.  As real it can be.  Like the setting of the sun, one can feel their *energy,* their *positivity,* their *beliefs,* all fading to black -- all disappearing away as if they never were there.  And you keep looking for it, but it's like going in circles. When I look back now, I [...]


Missing me?

Sometimess I miss me... the carefree me... the 'lets do this' me... the ambitious me... the student me.... the "always" helping out others me... the "always" up for anything me... because with you, i'm bound... it's not just me... it's us... it's 'i have to think about you first' me... it's 'i'm sorry i am [...]

Sun and Lost Smiles

Being in London for past three years, the Summer days seem to be a blessing... And why shouldn't they be?  After all, with rain and cloudy weather almost 80% of the times, a bright sunny day indeed is rare to see... Yet, there's something here other than just the rare occurrence of a sunny day [...]

Observing the observers

"They tell me how to dress up, how to talk, how to smile, how to laugh & live in style; all because they will be observing & judging my every step, every breath.... but did they forget that have eyes to see and ears to hear too?? for before you started judging me, i started [...]