About R.J

A few years ago I would’ve said that those of you who don’t know who R.j is, here goes:

Nice but bad … Smart yet dumb … Complicated yet Simplified… Childish Yet Mature …

She Smiles when She’s hurt… Cries When Angry … Laughs when feels Like Crying and well Sleeps when She can’t take the frustration …

She literally lives inside her head and tries finding the reason for every incident in her life in the alternate dimension of her life inside her head…

She sounds psychotic and yet she’s normal for her kind … Her folks love her the way she is and friends say She’s perfect … yet if she was tested for being *normal* she would probably get a minus or inifinity …

She forgives people not thinking once and give chances that might make her regret… yet she’s content with what she has and lives every moment with hopes and dreams and if none of them seem to be possible, she believes them they already are …

When the world makes her crazy, she closes her eyes and she’s with the Prince who sets her free … and with her best friend, a falcon, she created since she can remember … and perhaps that’s the reason why all her bestest friends are those that cannot be seen by the naked eye, unless believed to be there!

She’s full of different personalities and kinds living in her … a water that can change into any form when needs be … a plant that can take in any pollution yet provide oxygen … She is who she is and this is her life’s reason …

She keeps changing and its hard to keep a track … She’s completely & predictably Unpredictable … and the least she can do is leave the footprints in time … !!

But currently all I know is that R.J is:

A girl and a woman, a mother and a wife, a daughter and a sister, a friend and a guide… and while she juggles between being all that, she starts looking for herself that she has lost amidst being everything and everyone but herself… and until she finds herself, you’re welcome to learn her journey on this blog.

For now, all you need to know is that she’s in her mid 30s, a housewife & a stay-at-home mum who is currently only focused on two things:  Her Munchkin & herself!!


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