Sun and Lost Smiles

Being in London for past three years, the Summer days seem to be a blessing… And why shouldn’t they be?  After all, with rain and cloudy weather almost 80% of the times, a bright sunny day indeed is rare to see… Yet, there’s something here other than just the rare occurrence of a sunny day that makes one feel so special and cheery, and happy…

I have spent about 29 years of my life in Karachi, Pakistan, where a sunny day isn’t exactly a rare occurrence… Rather, quiet opposite of British weather, a rainy day is.  And yet I can’t help but notice the difference that while in London, sunny days make you happy, in Karachi it plays the opposite role.  And what I feel, and what I have come to conclude is that it is not sun and vitamin D that plays an important role but nature in itself as well.  in London, everywhere I have went so far, almost every pavement is full of trees or plants or even just grass.  But in Karachi, they are cutting down trees and not even re-planting them.  And I’ve realized that that is the reason why we hate sunny days so much.  Because no one likes to be under the sun for the whole time with hot wind blowing in their face, even in London they don’t.  But, the trees and the plants they cool down the air and the combination of Sun and cool summer breeze with your feet touching the grass, and being amidst the nature even in city is the perfect dose for happiness.

But in Karachi, you barely have a park around the corner of your house, unless of course if you’re living in a posh area or if by rare chance you’re lucky.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, during my last visit I found out that the left over trees that we had, even they’ve been chopped off because of that metro line or something like that which is meant to shorten the travelling time from somewhere to somewhere, going through Hyderi and all… Well never mind.. So yes… It is no doubt that people absolutely loathe the summers now..  Because on one hand we have global warming, then pollution, then there is messed up life between the CNG and petrol stuff, and to top it off, there is no nature AT all, no shades, no clean air… so with all that, the very sun that makes me feel better during my depressive moments, while in London, is indeed a cause to be under more stress and frustration in Karachi.

I really hope that people in Karachi at least realize and plant more trees, and grow a spine and stand up to these political leaders who are just making the ONCE UPON A green city into a desert… Yes, that’s what I found…

I mean.. I was in Dubai before going to Karachi and the irony is that the desert people are working to make it greener, and the people who already had greenery are turning it into a desert… SAD… SAD… SAD…


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