Observing the observers

“They tell me how to dress up, how to talk, how to smile, how to laugh & live in style; all because they will be observing & judging my every step, every breath…. but did they forget that have eyes to see and ears to hear too?? for before you started judging me, i started observing you… my time is too precious, my smiles priceless so why should i waste them for the tears you make me weep in night? I was created for a purpose & not just for your amusement and pleasure?

Yes i was born for a reason.. a reason far greater than pleasing the selfish.. I wasn’t made to be a puppet or to be enslaved, I was born to be free, to fly high. To serve mankind for humanity but not for materialism…

No… when you decided to observe me, and judge me and compare… you forgot I am observing you too… so worry not, we’re both safe… before you reject me, I already rejected you…”

Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.


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