Reignite or let it off?

And sometimes all you really need is a time out… open your diary of life… re-read the lessons it taught you, relive those moments and tell yourself, “If I could get through that, if this happened then, it can happen again & once again, I can get throught it now!”

Things will happen all through life, often times the repeat like a déjà vu… and sometimes to have a different ending than the last one, you need to go through the lessons again, revise them, and act on them!

That’s it!

Nothing is impossible.

And if you’ve been praying for God to reignite the flame then perhaps this is a sign… If you remember your lessons, you will know that this is when you can either cover the candle with your hands while HE reignites the flame or be ignorant and let it go off again…  choice is yours…


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