This was it…

This was it… This was the day that she started to focus again… For the hundredth time.  Yes.  It wasn’t the first time that she was focusing into her mind and heart.  She had done it a million times before, and for some reason it still felt like the first time.  Could she change?  Could she put a stop to it now?  Was it even possible for her to get it over and done with for the last time.  To just take a deep breath and identify herself for the final time, completely, with nothing more left to discover.  To just stick with what she wanted instead of letting go and repeating the same old story again and again.  Could it be the last time?  Could this be it?  WILL this be it?  She didn’t know.  She CANNOT know.  All she DOES know is that time will tell.  For now, all she CAN do is focus on herself, her dreams, her aspirations, her ambition, and stick to it.  Overcome any hurdle, and for once, not let the world, including the people she counts as her priority, not even let them interfere or become an obstacle between her and her dreams.  They say, do what your heart does, specially when your heart has wanted to do it ever since you can remember.  If despite the changes of environment, company, atmosphere, country, age, and people in life, if despite it all, your heart has desired something, do it!  Do it now!  Don’t waste time.  There can only be two outcomes to it.  Either success or failure.  You will finally know if your dream was worth it or not.  And if you’ve been holding back because you feel you aren’t worth it, then you already are prepared for the failing outcome, but maybe… just maybe… if you try, if you finally do it, you might actually succeed in it.  That’s what her heart whispered in that moment.  That’s what she needs to focus on.  That’s what she needs to do.  No one can ever tell her her dreams are immature, no one can tell her that.  Because those who have dreams, will value yours, and those who lack the ability to dream, they will always tell you your dreams are childish.  She had listened to them for years.  She wrote but never got feedback from the ones she loved because they didn’t even know she wrote, and the one she shared with, overlooked it as if it was rather useless thing.  But now was the time that she looked at those who did actually take time to read, who got inspired from it, and for them, with their help, she knew… This was it!  This was the day she decided to break from her shackled self.


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