Safron Milk Treat


So in pardes I have craved tonnes of desi treats, including the ones which I may have barely had in my homeland too but I guess that was because I knew they were always available so didn’t really crave much whereas in London I doubt finding them, well at least not the same flavour or taste so that’s what got me into trying this milk treat that is known as Doodh ka sharbat or Doodh ki bottle in Pakistan… and while what I have made is not same as them, it pretty much satisfies the craving!!!

So all you need here is 4 pints Milk which is roughly 2.25 litres… 2 condensed milk cans (mine were 397g each) & since the milk here is processed so to bring the thickness n creamy touch, 2 double cream (mine were 284ml each) …  and safron of course, about a pinch!  Pistachio n almonds for garnishing…

Now start boiling the milk and when it is about to come to boil, add condensed milk and double cream, all the while stirring it well… meanwhile turn the heat to low… keep stirring until its creamy, now add safron, pistachio, & almonds.  Let it come to boil and then set aside and let it cool.  Tadaaaaa… your Safron Milk Treat is ready to drink!!

Serve chilled

P.S:  This recipe is totally richie rich, so you might want to reconsider if you are trying to lose weight!!!


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