Searching for happiness

506ec4d52413c4aaab4ae99831a7102384646914bf2924b4cf9f9a4d58eb3b78She searched for happiness far and beyond, online & offline, from the scorching heat of sun to coolness of the wind, from night to day, and day to night.  She kept on searching in music, chores, movies to shows, cleaning and cooking and yet it was nowhere to be found.  Some said she needed exercise, some suggested religious gatherings, some would tell her to go and socialize rather than isolating herself, while some could only hope it was nature and perhaps nature it was.  But with all the responsibilities, how could she go in nature?  Yes, she loves nature.  She missed nature.  She longed for the blossoming flowers and wet grass under her feet.  She wished for the solace that she got from reading books in comfort of a tree but where could she find that?  How could she find it?  She missed the imagination she had.  The imagination that was so strong that it helped her through the toughest of times in life.  And now here, in this place, in her new home, she missed it.  She had no reality and she had lost her imagination that was taken over by haunting memories.  She needed to break free.  She needed to run away.  But where could she go?  In this alone cruel world, who could she ask for help when those who claimed to know her just misunderstood her?  It was then that one bright morning, the angel of comfort sprinkled its magic on her.  This day wasn’t like the days she was living now.  It was different.  Something about it was different.  Something had changed.  But she didn’t know what.  And she didn’t know what it was until she saw the bed sheet she had just changed, that was kept in corner of her room waiting to be washed.  And that was when she realized.  It was like a 2-year-old finding its favorite teddy bear that was lost, the one it sleeps with.  She knew exactly what needed to be done.  She had found her imagination back.  She had found her happiness.  And she needed not to look further beyond her balcony.  The same balcony she loathed because it had no view, because it showed her nothing but street full of cars and strangers and yet so empty that they made her miserable and longed for freedom, the same balcony was where her happiness was hiding.  She spread down the same bed sheet, and watched the evening sky, the sun peeking through the clouds, and with her imagination now back, she could have her nature, her trees and flowers, her thoughts all clear like the gardens after rain; beautiful and attractive.  And amused by this miracle, she thanked her Lord, her savior, her friend.  She thanked Allah for sending her back her lost magic, for helping her find the happiness she longed for.  And now she knows that when it will come to finding happiness, she has it in her balcony, that’s where she can be herself with her most special friend.  And she knows now that often times we search far and beyond for happiness when truly it is closer than we think.


As for me?  I think I am happy that now I finally organized my life so that I can write and read and learn.  Ahhh… Really missed doing either of that Smile … Welcome back myself!


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