I don’t feel sorry for Palestinians

While we feel sorry for the #Palestinians, I don’t…. I simply feel they are lucky… the women, the children, the old & the young alongside men… All dying for sake of Allah… each giving their life in jihad… each chanting Allah.o.Akbar…

We “Muslim” ummah, an Ummah of billions of Muslims, feel sorry for them… make protests… make duas… do charity… but yet at the end of the day it is only a small fraction of Muslims who sincerely feel the ache n the pain… while these Palestinians die, we talk about our eid preps, talking about how outclass it should be, which brand name or designer wear should we opt for…

Yes… when Allah has blessed us with money and happiness, we should embrace it… but all I can recall is that a Muslim to Muslim is like a brother, all Muslims are like a body where if one part hurts, the other parts also feel it…
Then what kind of Muslim ummah are we??

Are we so lost in worldly pleasures that we feel our only duty is to pay certain amount of donation, attend a protest, & if we see it on TV then just say a few apologetic words and that’s it… is that really it???

Yes, I am guilty too… and it is b/c of that very reason that I respect #Palestinians… they dont die… they are martyrs who are dying solely for the sake of Allah… who die defending themselves while chanting Allah.o.Akbar…

And not just in #Palestine, but all Muslims… in #Syria, #Kashmir, #Myanmar all around the globe where Muslims are killed on a day.to.day basis… for they live the life of lions while we live life of cowards… and that’s a bitter truth…

We follow the manmade laws with so much dedication & yet we break the laws of our Creator… we worry so much of what people will say but we dont pay heed to what Allah will say… worse, we don’t even feel guilty… so what is it… what is it that still assures these Muslims that despite breaking Allah’s laws, living our life totally in worldly way, we will still be forgiven???

At least for me… I am not sure…
But for Muslims being killed and oppressed just for being Muslims, I am sure they will enter Jannah without any questions…

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