So after being in London, UK, finally I got to go to a cinema… after finding out the ticket prices, I was not sure I still wanted to watch Disney’s Maleficent… but we did… and then I kept hoping that all the expense is worth it… because to be honest, after considering the remakes of fairytales with twists in them, I felt Maleficent would be just another remake with same ending but just a bit more drama and action…


But after watching the movie… if I am now asked what my favorite fairytale movie is, then I would say that , Disney’s Maleficent has to be the best one ever! … Reason?  It has finally broken the concept of “True Love”… Finally it has shown that True Love is NOT JUST LOVE OF TWO YOUNG PEOPLE who end up getting married and live happily ever after, but rather just genuine affection that one has for other person, and it could be in any form for anyone… In my opinion it’s a 10/10 movie that is worth watching … Though I don’t understand why you’d need to watch it in 3D, but nevertheless… The movie is worth watching whether you want to watch it in any dimension!

The story has shown that even the best can be turned into evil, only when they are betrayed by someone they trust a lot, and when that happens, sometimes they can give in to their evil side, but even then there is room for redemption…

So go ahead … and watch it, esp. if you are the kind of person who looks for meaningful things and not just entire waste of time… it is a movie with a  lesson that you definitely want your kids to understand and learn!


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