White Chicken Handi

Ok so, here’s my version of “White Chicken Handi” or “White Chicken Karhai” whatever you may decide to call, but let me tell you one thing… this dish was neither made in Karhai nor in Handi Winking smile  Anyway… So here goes… First of all, the things you need are:

Milk Cream
Ginger & Garlic
Salt to taste
Black pepper & white pepper
Oil to cook.

If this is my first recipe you are noting down, then let me tell you… I’m strictly the kind of person who enters kitchen and just adds what she feels like unless I am trying a recipe that belongs to someone else in which case I measure quantity.

Now, Milk & Milk cream are basically there to make the curry… everything else to add taste…

Now, I didn’t measure the quantity as usual… of chicken specially… so I’ll just assume it was about 1/2 kg of chicken… (considering my mom just makes separate packets to be used for a day while dad brings chicken in bulk for the month)

Anyway… Procedure:

  • Light the stove, place the cooking pan, add oil (about 5 tablespoons should be enough… or you can add more) …
  • Now add ginger & garlic paste once the oil is hot… Stir a little bit till you can smell the aroma of it..
  • Now add chicken and stir fry it until it has changed its colour…
  • Now add milk… About 1.5 cup milk for 1/2 kg chicken… I made sure milk was lukewarm before adding it…
  • Now add white pepper, black pepper, & salt as required/to taste…
  • Place the lid and let it cook until chicken is at least half-tender…
  • When you feel that chicken is half-tender, add 1/4 ltr of milk cream (I know this because it was in oack… duh Open-mouthed smile)…. Anyhoo…let it cook on low flame until chicken is completely tender.
  • Now… before serving add green chilies for a little spice… use coriander and shredded ginger for garnishing…



Wish you all the best for cooking it!!  Go ahead, be innovative… use your own measurement for cooking… Smile


Bon Appétit Smile


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