Life & Driving

Once upon a time, about 10 years ago when I learned driving, my dad gave me a piece of advice.  He said that when you are driving, just remember two things; a) you are deaf, & b) everyone else is blind.  Just remember that you have to drive correctly and then if anyone is annoying you with bunch of horns, just ignore them, if they want, they can overtake you… Next, you have to be careful while driving, keep your distance from others… They will always blame you even if its their mistake, so you might as well just keep your distance like you would when in a room full of blind people, in order to avoid accidents…

Today … when helping out a friend… I just felt like giving this advice… and I realized that subconsciously I have been implementing my dad’s advice, in my life as well.  You see… Once you accept that everyone else is dumb/deaf/blind & that you are the one with brains… You will automatically avoid circumstances that will lead to being hurt… And if you even do get hurt, you will get over it much easily and just let go & move on, be careful next time.  You will learn to protect your heart, your feelings, and expecting too much from people, including the ones who say they love you…

When you’re smart, you’ll forgive people, let go, and move on… and you won’t expect much because you’ll know that people are deaf/dumb/blind … So you’ll travel along them, but you won’t let yourself be dependent on them… you won’t let your happiness be dependent on their actions… You’ll learn to live your life smoothly, overcoming the speedbreakers caused by people in your life, or if someone might create a puddle or anything… You’ll simply control the steering and the gears & the speed instead of be a passenger in a bus who will end up being hurt because of the stupidity caused by the driver because you are depending on him to take you to your destination…

Remember… Life is a journey, you and only you should have the steering wheel for it, drive your way towards your destination based on the instructions given to you by God, & when you feel lost, even then, rely on the Map that HE has provided you… Never depend on anyone else… but YOU!

And well after weeks of wanting to write, this is the only thing that has actually made me type … So until next time, happy & safe driving!  Smile


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