Like a déjà vu, coming all around …

That moment when like a deja vu… despite everything you do and see… it feels like you’re missing that energetic, anxious, happy feeling for Ramadan al-Kareem … i really hope its just a feeling that will pass away and not just a sign … coz last time i felt it, i regretted it … I can still remember how it all just didn’t feel right and I felt spirit of Ramadan missing… and then… my dad met a terrible accident and couple of days later that horrifying earthquake came in northern areas … The Ramadan of 2005 … and now… 8 years later having the same feeling … Not good…

May Allah let us all enjoy the blessed month of Ramadan and earns as many bonus rewards as we can and more importantly, be able to continue those actions … May Allah help us abstain from evil … May my heart find peace and not worry … May Allah give a quick healthy recovery to my brother who isn’t feeling well… May its ‘cause of him? … Perhaps… I don’t know … but in any case… May everyone who gets to see this blessed month, enjoy its blessings safely and happily … Aameen …

Ramadan-Al-Kareem Mubarak to Every Muslim out there…


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