Spicy Butter Chicken w/ Veggie Chunks in Creamy Tomato Sauce

Big name eh? But a real easy dish and well if you have all things ready then it will probably take about 30 minuyes, if not, then about 45 mins to an hour…

Ingredients for Spicy Butter Chicken:

*. Chicken (doesn’t matter if it is boneless or not)
*. Garlic chutney (Ok this is something desi, also known as Lassan ki chutney or lalmirch ki chutney… my mom has been making it since we remember… It requires red chilli, garlic, salt & zeera and then make a paste of it all… One of the spiciest chutneys i have ever tasted)
*. Butter
*. Salt, as required.
*. Oil for frying.
*. Chopped garlic.


  • Mix garlic chutney with butter and prepare a thick mixture and some salt..
  • Make some really deep cuts in chicken & then cover the chicken with the mixture and let it rest.
  • On other side, heat oil in the pan and then fry the chicken for a minute. Now cover the lid and let it cook in steam on a very low flame.
  • Add chopped garlic and let it cook.
  • Once cooked, add some cheddar cheese on top and let it melt in steam.** (if u dont want to, discard this step).

Your Spicy Butter Chicken is ready.

Ingredients for Veggie Chunks in Creamy Tomato Sauce:
*. Carrot, fine chopped.
*. Capsicum, fine chopped.
*. Olives, fine chopped.
*. 5-6 Tomatoes
*. Milk cream
*. 5 tbsp sugar
*. 2 tbsp red chilli powder
*. Salt to taste.
*. Oil as needed


  • Slice tomatoes and fry them in oil until tender, add chilli powder while frying.
  • Let it cool and then grind them.
  • Pour the paste in a saucepan, heat it up. Add milk cream as needed and then add sugar & salt while stirring…
  • Once it is as thick as you want, add veggie chunks.

Your Veggie Chunks in Creamy Tomato Sauce is ready

Thats it… Serve it hot with rice or whatever you like to have it with…


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