Life is beautiful – A perfect story!


Everything has its place in time … Every character, pain, joy, smile, tears, difficulty, ease, haters, lovers, supporters, trouble makers… All are meant to be there to create the perfect story … And it does not necessarily mean that it should have a happy ending or full of love, even life has its genres… Action, thriller, comedy, family, love, tragic, sad … So just because someone’s life is focused on love story or comedy, doesn’t mean your’s has to be the same too … Perhaps your’s is action, or documentary, or tragic … In the end… They are all perfect stories, for life… you just have to change your view and stop comparing… Esp. if you wouldn’t compare the movies that you see!! After all, not every actor can play action, nor every actor can play comedy or love 😉 … Be proud of yourself, and your life… Its one superhit movie… and someone out there, is already loving your life and taking notes from it! 🙂

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