Blessings of Allah <3

Shukar Alhumdulillah … How many times do we say that?  And when do we say that? … Well thats a personal matter for you… as for me… Well… Dont know who, but someone said that there are two ways to live life… 1) Nothing is a miracle … 2) everything is…
Sometimes it feels like i m in the second category, followed by an additional category who misses no chance to realize the blessing of Allah, to the best of her vision… Yes, best of my vision, b/c being a human, & living in this world, even i at times overlook the blessings and miss the chance to say Alhumdulillah ….
But yet… despite me being an ignorant fool at times… Here is Allah who returns me with great love and blessings… Like today… After a long time, i woke up fresh in fajr… Offered my salat… and probably almost after an year or more, recited Surah Al-Fajr & Al-Muzammil & i’m so happy to know that Allah loved me for doing it because HE then gave me something, made something possible that i amost felt like was a dream and a wish and cud nvr be reality…. So Shukar Alhumdulillah… and thats why i m sharing this story, a quick word… Just to say that dont miss the chance to earn His blessings, His love… He has more to give everytime, more than you can think of… Even if u have been ignorant & yet when u return to Him with not even close to all the ibadaat that prophets and their companions used to do or the pious men/women do… Still… Allah will and does reward that little gesture and loves it.. esp. when u do it urself widout someone’s saying or anything…
Dont miss a chance to praise Allah and a chance to do something good, out of the norm, yet loving and sweet from u to Him…

Thats it… For now… & JazakAllah for reading this post & may Allah help you when doing good deeds… :)

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