We all have something to say


If you think among your group of friends, you’re the only one with pens and diaries or blogs (in this techno life) and not to forget, feelings and some intellectual lessons of life that you would share so that someone may read and find you interesting, then you’re wrong…

Truth is, we all have something to say… We all have our lessons of life to share… We all have that philosophical approach that we may never show in front of others but only in our solitude and in times of great focus, we come across them… Some of us don’t even know we hold them…

Every person is a hero in his own little bubble and yet a villain for those who see them from the outside… No matter how high and pious and victim we may feel within ourselves, in our thoughts, for someone out there, we are selfish and mean…

And then… one of the people you thought would just be a fun-loving, carefree, selfish person … you come across their blog or diary or just get to peek inside their bubble and you realize that they are so much like you … We all are victims of life … we’ve all been blessed… we’ve all been hurt… we’ve all been used… we’ve all been trusted and betrayed… cared for and deceived… We are who we are because of the experiences we witnessed… Alone or together… Now or never… It’s just a matter of time… you’ll know how good or bad someone is, what they truly are if you listen to them.. not when they are speaking out in public or in parties or in groups or commenting on shows and music and books or politics… but rather when they are sitting alone, staring at the sky… Catch them in their solitude, in their bubble… and you’ll see their true face… You’ll hear what they have to say and you’ll realize they are not as dumb as they may appear and perhaps have a very important lesson of life to share… Their insight in life can be your key to success…

Just take your time… do it… don’t judge if you don’t want someone to judge you… don’t comment on other’s life when you feel bad when other’s comment on you without knowing what you’re going through… don’t insult someone for their wrong decisions when you wouldn’t prefer someone doing the same to you… Don’t let silence and talking about each other eliminate the chances you get to understand each other… We all have something to say, sit, share, hear, and then analyze… Focus on what’s inside someone’s mind & heart rather than what circumstances and scenarios portray otherwise…


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