Masters of IR & Jack of Everything Else

Alhumdulillah … Finally done with my Masters in International Relations 🙂 on the funniest date: 13-2-13 😛 …

Found out last night… when my cousin told me the result’s online and well completely nervous I checked mine… initially planned on checking in morning but then, curious creature that I am… checked it in night… once, twice, thrice… I CLEARED! OMG… That was something… and now told my parents in the morning and well the smile… the shine… I feel blessed… to be reason for their happiness… of course Allah has all the credit for it, for HE helped me clear my exams but still… It did feel good… And then I realize… it is that smile, that shine, that feeling I get when I see them happy that I realize why I willingly take certain decisions… decisions that I probably won’t prefer taking but yet I do… because it’s all worth it… Making my parents proud… I hope one day I can make Allah proud of me too… succeed in winning from my nafs and defeating it completely … InshA’llah… And while the fight with nafs continue, I guess I’ll meanwhile try to keep my parents happy 🙂 ….

And hence for now, I’m Masters of IR & Jack of Everything Else … I mean considering I did matric in Biology, inter in Computer science, graduation in Biology which ought to be Jacks… while now I did my MA in International relations so I guess it’s worth the saying… considering sometime ago it was “Jack of All & Masters of None” … 😀 …

Now lets see what life has in it for me… Yes, I know, I’ll be the one who would be choosing it but then it’s all written already so perhaps it’ll come as a surprise just not completely 😉

Oh well …

Until then … Let’s just stick with life, keep it slow and steady and in the meantime think about doing masters or PhD 😛 (wow did that just rhyme? – Steady & PhD … LOL) That ought to be 10th rhyme this month… I wonder if it’s my rhyming time of the year (considering I hadn’t rhymed in a long time)

Anyhoo Adios Amigo!


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