Make me believe …

Every hardship i faced, despite the pain, taught me a lot … helped me in ways i cannot be thankful enuff…

And it is for that very reason … sometimes… I just wish pain is an illusion … for once reality is not a painful truth or a dreadful dream but a sweet truth and fantastic fate and for once… it’s just not what I fear it is… it’s not what my mind and my heart are pointing towards… that all that I’m feeling is a part of a make-believe in an alternate world of my brain … and that when I’ll wake up … reality would be pleasant and that’ I’ll have tears of joy and not pain and smiles that actually tell how happy I am and not just a cover up … this time …

And yet… know that everything will perish away … I ask for strength to stay strong… that no matter how wrong it goes … no matter how painful life gets… no matter how many lies, cheats, and betrayals I come across… that I stay strong and right and keep rising like the sun … that the only day I should ever stop rising… should be the day when I’m finally taken away by death … and until then… if I shall…if I have to… if it’s the only thing that’s trully meant for me to be… to be alone and burn yet light and rise… if it’s God’s will, if it’s His way of keeping me strong … or maybe His way of letting me only trust HIM as my friend, my best friend, my guide, my protector, my hope, and associate not another human to be my shoulder… then I guess I’ll just embrace it… because as long as it’s HIM with me, I don’t really need any friend with me truly Smile


Alhumdulillah Ala Qulley Haal…


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