Lost destination – 1

When you know the road & where it will take you, yet it feels an empty street where everyone passed you by in full speed and all you’re left with is just the path to cover …

The times when it is full of stops, stores, homes, and yet none of them has what you want …what you need… You drive unwillingly because you have to be somewhere, you fulfill your duties just because you have to… When anything that should matter is done because they have to be done …. When even the eyes are too tired to cry & heart is too numb… When all that you wanted to do is either left untouched or done because you have to do them… There is no will…and the only words that explain your situation are a bunch of words in a song.. “…I’ve lost the will to live, simply nothing more to give… There is nothing more for me, need the end to set me free…” (Fade to Black – Metallica) …

An end of life or situation, perhaps feeling… Just an end… End to this feeling of missing something…of failing to be who you wanted to be…failing to fulfill your responsibility… Being a complete failure….

Unable to fix this mess…just sit there & watch the days fly by till end is finally here & embrace it willingly for that’s the only destination of those who walk alone….

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