Going through one of those days :)

4th August-06


“its not easy to move on without a light.. its not easy to go on without a clue… without a help… without an answer..”


but the fact is that there’s light, but we can’t see it..

there’s a clue, but v don’t search for it..

HE is always there to help, but we don’t ask for it..

there’s always an answer.. its in our hearts only… but we don’t want to go for it..


That’s what i’ve learned.. and at times .. infact ALOT of times i may feel that I’m lost in the middle of nowhere.. but still… I try seeing the light, try searching for a clue… Ask for HIS help & go for the answer in my heart.. and everytime i do that.. i know, that “tomorrow will be ok..”


People might say I’m not being realistic and instead, i’m being a fool by trying to be an optimist in such situation (even i say that to myself at times) .. but all i know is that.. if being realistic can lead u to sorrows and tears and all..

then I’m WAY too better than such people..

b/c Such people give up!! & I… well never giving up  😉


I juz know that…

… if things aren’t good enough… they aren’t bad either!!

… if i can’t see the light… it doesn’t mean that the world is completely dark!!

… if life isn’t going my way.. it ain’t going highway either!!

… if life is not easy.. it isn’t hard either!!

… if i’m not winning, i ain’t losing either!!



And I believe that even if i’m not good.. I’m not the worse !!



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