Ending of the Beginning of an End …

Every beginning is led by its end … Eventually, the day is taken over by night … The Sun sets, the light fades … The prettiest flowers eventually die and every spring ends with autumn …. and so every life tastes the death … the green fields covered with snow … and somehow we see an end to everything ….. Yet, no-one sees the end of every bitter end …. Not many see how an end to day eventually ends with the beginning of new day …. The end of Sun rise, ends with yet another sun rise… the death of flowers ends with a new flower taking its place …. and yet every autumn that ends spring, eventually ends with Spring itself …. yet every life that ends with death, gives life to something else … We fail to see how every beginning that is led by an end is in fact a rise of new-beginning …. Nothing lasts forever … neither smiles, nor tears … And nothing ever trully ends, it just ceases itself for its place in time …

“… and if my dawn shall have a dusk,

I’ll weep not but wait for the end of dusk …

For my every smile that ends in tear,

I’ll have my laughs but I won’t fear … “
– Ramsha



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