For staying updated…

Ola Reader! Thank you for dropping by.  I hope you enjoy your stay and find stuff worth reading and worth your time.  However, I'm moving on to Balancing Life On The Go; because I really am trying to balance my life as I go. Anyhoo, if you like, you may pop in over there to [...]


Where have you gone?

Where have you gone, O dear one? Leaving me alone in this world of insane Where each step I take is a blackhole And each word I say is a gunshot at me... Where have you gone, O dear one? Leaving me alone in this palace we called home? That is now full of demons, [...]

Postnatal Depression

It is real.  As real it can be.  Like the setting of the sun, one can feel their *energy,* their *positivity,* their *beliefs,* all fading to black -- all disappearing away as if they never were there.  And you keep looking for it, but it's like going in circles. When I look back now, I [...]

Missing me?

Sometimess I miss me... the carefree me... the 'lets do this' me... the ambitious me... the student me.... the "always" helping out others me... the "always" up for anything me... because with you, i'm bound... it's not just me... it's us... it's 'i have to think about you first' me... it's 'i'm sorry i am [...]