Chicken in honey-oyster sauce with fine beans & baby corn

Considering I’m trying to lose weight and yet not my taste, so preferring natural sweetness rather than refined sugar and definitely no oil … So here’s what I come up with, keeping that sweetness and tangy flavor alive and yet going nutritious… At least in my view Winking smile



1 Chicken breast fillet cut in about 1 inch strips (or as you please)
Fine beans
Baby corns
Carrot (sliced)
Crushed red chili (1 tsp)
Honey (1/4 cup)
Oyster sauce (1/2 cup)
& Dark soy sauce (2 tbsp)


  1. In a pan, add oyster sauce, honey, crushed chili, and dark soy sauce with 1/2 cup water and add chicken.  Let it cook until chicken pieces are tender, on full heat.
  2. The sauce gets thick really quick so keep stirring in order to keep it smooth.
  3. Once the chicken is tender, take it out and put it in a platter.  Now keep cooking the sauce until really thick.
  4. Now add beans, carrot, and baby corn and stir fry them in the same sauce.
  5. That’s it.  Add them to the platter & voila!  Ready to be served.

“I Love You” – A Fiction.


Very well written … #KahaniGharGharKi as some may say…

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She said, “I need to talk to you !”

And he never did.

He reminisced. Each time she tried to share her feelings he pushed her away. Every time she cried in front of him, he was pissed off. Each time she said that she needed him with her, he disappeared.

He shouts on her , insults her but she never turned away…. she threw her self respect far away for him….And he use all his self respect and ego against her. Whenever they had a fight, he never apologized and talked to her first. And every time she made him realize that after talking and resolving the fight by apologizing first.

Love of Human

Sacrificed Self respect

Butchered ego

Pleasurable pain

Enchanting heartache

Dying Wishes

Trembling smiles


He never knew through how much pain she has to go through to keep poking him with texts and call when…

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Chicken Basil in spicy sweet’n’sour stir fry sauce

2014-07-23 21.59.19


Full chicken breasts (roughly about 1 kg) cut in 1 inch strips
1 tsp oil
1 whole capsicum cut in strips
2 carrots cut in thin strips

For Stir fry:
1 cup oyster sauce
1/4 tsp soy sauce
1 tbsp crushed red chilli
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp vinegar
half lemon juice

2 dozen basil leaves


  1. Heat oil and add chicken to it, stir it a bit and cover it with lid.  Keep stirring chicken until it leaves its own water and then let it cook until tender.
  2. Now add capsicum and carrot, cover the lid and switch off the hob/stove.
  3. On other hand take a sauce pan and heat oyster sauce in it, add all the ingredients one at a time and mixing them all well.
  4. Now take about 8-10 basil leaves and ground them well and add them to the sauce.
  5. Once sauce is mixed well, add it to chicken and stir fry them.  Once mixed well, add remaining basil leaves but don’t mix it.  Cover the lid.
  6. That’s it, your Chicken Basil in Spicy sweet’n’sour sauce is ready to eat.
  7. Serve with plain rice.


That’s it… Bon Appetit Smile

I don’t feel sorry for Palestinians

While we feel sorry for the #Palestinians, I don’t…. I simply feel they are lucky… the women, the children, the old & the young alongside men… All dying for sake of Allah… each giving their life in jihad… each chanting Allah.o.Akbar…

We “Muslim” ummah, an Ummah of billions of Muslims, feel sorry for them… make protests… make duas… do charity… but yet at the end of the day it is only a small fraction of Muslims who sincerely feel the ache n the pain… while these Palestinians die, we talk about our eid preps, talking about how outclass it should be, which brand name or designer wear should we opt for…

Yes… when Allah has blessed us with money and happiness, we should embrace it… but all I can recall is that a Muslim to Muslim is like a brother, all Muslims are like a body where if one part hurts, the other parts also feel it…
Then what kind of Muslim ummah are we??

Are we so lost in worldly pleasures that we feel our only duty is to pay certain amount of donation, attend a protest, & if we see it on TV then just say a few apologetic words and that’s it… is that really it???

Yes, I am guilty too… and it is b/c of that very reason that I respect #Palestinians… they dont die… they are martyrs who are dying solely for the sake of Allah… who die defending themselves while chanting Allah.o.Akbar…

And not just in #Palestine, but all Muslims… in #Syria, #Kashmir, #Myanmar all around the globe where Muslims are killed on a basis… for they live the life of lions while we live life of cowards… and that’s a bitter truth…

We follow the manmade laws with so much dedication & yet we break the laws of our Creator… we worry so much of what people will say but we dont pay heed to what Allah will say… worse, we don’t even feel guilty… so what is it… what is it that still assures these Muslims that despite breaking Allah’s laws, living our life totally in worldly way, we will still be forgiven???

At least for me… I am not sure…
But for Muslims being killed and oppressed just for being Muslims, I am sure they will enter Jannah without any questions…

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Missing simple things in life

And then she picked up her laptop and decided to write what she was feeling…

So it is my first official blog post of sharing my feelings and views ever since I got married?  Of course the Maleficient one is just a movie review so that doesn’t really count, unless it does.  Never mind… I have been willing to write for quite a time now and sometimes I even did but that was mostly in my head.  So what is it motivated me to grab my laptop and write now?  The answer is simple… Missing family, have too much of time to myself… and most importantly wanting to share with someone but yet not knowing with whom should I share it with?

Alhumdulillah all went well, got married, moved to UK, and now enjoying the blessed month, Ramadan Kareem.  And yet here I am feeling empty.  I know, a lot of you might suggest to pray, read Quran, check online tutorials for learning something, increase my knowledge, etc but truth is, for a person like me, sometimes even that is not enough, and sometimes I don’t even feel motivated to do that.  Being a person who is easily bored, and who has lived most of her life with her choices, her decisions, compliments and encouragement, all of a sudden the life is just not the same.

I live with really nice family, my mother in law even prepares the whole iftar and food for sehri and all I have to do is either set the table or sometimes not even that and just have to clean it after Iftari, wash the dishes, and that’s it.  Yes, sometimes put clothes in laundry, ironing, or dusting the house while my brother in law would vacuum it… So now, one may ask, with such an easily life why am I still not content?  Actually, Alhumdulillah I am content but I guess just missing the feeling that I used to have back in home…  I cannot define it… I don’t even know what it is or how to get it back… But I still miss it… I pray to Allah and ask HIM to help me out and perhaps HE is helping me, it is just me who is unable to see how…

Sometimes I wonder if it is missing the whole energetic enthusiasm of Ramadan in our home where we would divide chores, sometimes fight, either of us will either have a request or where I will try a new recipe on either daily or sometimes weekly basis and then have the critics and compliments… Or whether it was not liking Mum’s made dahi baray but asking Dad to bring ‘em and then he would bring meethay dahi baray and fish pakoray and laung chiray… And we would all be wondering would it be left for us later or not… That sitting late at night with mum and bhai and making samosays and then picking up whether it would be chicken or qeema, but definitely an aalo samosa in the menu… That keeping a whole bottle of tang for myself and teasing mum that she can’t have as they have their Rooh Afza so Tang is just for me… That whispering to dad or bhai to ask either of the other two to make post-iftar tea…

Yes, life was a bit complicated then… sometimes even annoying… but with simple, nothing-much-to-do here life, I miss the feeling of happiness… the little moments of joy that I received when dad bought something for me at iftari, or when me and bhai would divide chores and while I made fruit chaat and juice, he would fry samosas and pakoras, and mum’s cholay with imli ki chatni…. Not to forget, sharing same taste…  Sometimes even having arguments pre or post sehri or complaining how only one has to do the cleaning… Sometimes bhai or me, or ammi washing the dishes and sorting the leftovers to be kept in fridge….

That making bhai take me for at least a day’s shopping when I would need to buy jootis or chooriyan…

Yes… Life is better in many ways… Alhumdulillah… blessed…. but with all great things, I am missing the simple things more… Whether it be Mum’s chholay & samosay, bhai’s pampering, dad’s bringing home dahi baray, fish pakoray, & laung chiray, or making the elder twos make tea, or perhaps trying new recipes and acting like a cook for my blog or instagram… I miss it all… all that we take for granted… miss it more… daily… everyday…

Is this love?

Just sharing a piece I read somewhere… Felt interesting… even making me wonder what love is…

Why can’t you give a simple answer?” “Why do you have to reply everything with prolonged sentences and counter questions?” “If he asked you if you want to go, you could’ve simply replied by saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’, why did you have to say, ‘I’ll go if you take me else I won’t?’… is he suppose to dress you up and then carry you there?” He said it in one go while she stared at the sky, trying to digest every word coming out of her cellphone’s speaker, not believing what she was hearing… Then, when he paused, she replied with trembling voice, trying to stay as strong as she could and said, “He asked me if I want to go, and I asked where? But instead of telling me, he just said nowhere and left.  Before pointing me out, please make sure he was right too.  But I guess you are right, the fault is mine.  I’m sorry I called at this hour for your help. Take care. Bye.”  And in one go she said it and hung up, not waiting to hear another word.  She had heard enough.  It wasn’t the first time, and now she was sure it won’t be the last time either.  Five months for her, were enough to know that it isn’t something that just happened, it was something that is going to continue happening.   When will it stop?  She didn’t know.  But what she did know was that, it was about time she accepted that no matter what the situation is, she will always be considered as the one who argues, who gives counter questions & replies, who has baseless logics, who doesn’t know anything at all, and most of all someone who will always be wrong.She wiped her tears, filled out her form, and kept wondering why had she made the call?  She could’ve filled form on her own too.  Why does she give him so much importance when he treats her like she is nothing?  And as these thoughts crossed her mind, her cellphone ringed.  There were messages from him reading “I still love you,” “hugs,” “kisses,” “sweetheart,” and all the likes.  She stared at them, not sure what to reply back.  Does she still love him?  Of course, because she knew herself well enough that the moment he enters the house, she will reply to him same way, if he smiles at her, she will forget everything and love him even more with all her heart.  She tried to ignore but her heart didn’t let her, so she picked up her phone and replied back “…love u too…” but still she stared, trying to understand his love.  Is this love?  Is it all about saying those romantic things in isolation but yet treating completing opposite when in front of others?  Not caring about her feelings.  Has he forgotten that he, being her husband, is supposed to take care of her, protect her, love her, care about her?  Never understanding is one thing but not even trying to understand her? Without knowing whole story, just declaring her wrong? Not once or twice but always? treating her like a fly?

Is that what love is????

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So after being in London, UK, finally I got to go to a cinema… after finding out the ticket prices, I was not sure I still wanted to watch Disney’s Maleficent… but we did… and then I kept hoping that all the expense is worth it… because to be honest, after considering the remakes of fairytales with twists in them, I felt Maleficent would be just another remake with same ending but just a bit more drama and action…


But after watching the movie… if I am now asked what my favorite fairytale movie is, then I would say that , Disney’s Maleficent has to be the best one ever! … Reason?  It has finally broken the concept of “True Love”… Finally it has shown that True Love is NOT JUST LOVE OF TWO YOUNG PEOPLE who end up getting married and live happily ever after, but rather just genuine affection that one has for other person, and it could be in any form for anyone… In my opinion it’s a 10/10 movie that is worth watching … Though I don’t understand why you’d need to watch it in 3D, but nevertheless… The movie is worth watching whether you want to watch it in any dimension!

The story has shown that even the best can be turned into evil, only when they are betrayed by someone they trust a lot, and when that happens, sometimes they can give in to their evil side, but even then there is room for redemption…

So go ahead … and watch it, esp. if you are the kind of person who looks for meaningful things and not just entire waste of time… it is a movie with a  lesson that you definitely want your kids to understand and learn!